• Selectable RF filtering 470-608 MHz or 470-700 MHz
• Directional pattern with 4 dBd RF gain
• Built-in RF amplifier with adjustable gain for offsetting cable loss
• Keypad and membrane switches with LED readout for quick setup
• Automatically switches to passive mode when no DC power is present on the coaxial cable
• Durable finish and weather tolerant construction for indoor/outdoor use
• Skeletal structure reduces wind loading
• Versatile mounting options with the supplied mount and optional mounting adapter kit

The ALP690 is a high-performance LPDA (log periodic dipole array) antenna with a bypassable, built-in RF amplifier for use with wireless microphone receivers in location or studio production. The design delivers +4 dBd of passive gain in a directional pattern to extend operating range, and, when DC power is applied, the amplifier applies gain to overcome loss in long coaxial cable runs. By offering both active and passive operation modes, the ALP690 can be used as a receiver antenna (active or passive) and as a transmitter antenna (passive only).

The antenna is formed with copper traces on a .133” thick glass epoxy high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate material with a durable finish. The skeletal structure reduces wind loading in outdoor use.

The antenna is powered by DC bias inserted on the coaxial cable connected to the 50 ohm BNC jack. This power can be supplied by a Venue Series receiver, an active multicoupler or an inline BIAS-T. When no power is applied, the antenna automatically switches to passive operation. When used in active mode, RF filtering can be selected between 470-608 MHz or 470-700 MHz for operation in different regions.