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Software Application Developer

Department: Engineering
Shift: Day Shift (Monday - Friday)
Location: Rio Rancho, NM 87124
581 Laser Road
Job Type: Full Time
Education: 4-Year Degree
Duration: Permanent
Travel: None


Lectrosonics is a worldwide industry leader in wireless audio, supplying high quality wireless microphone systems to the movie, TV and news gathering industries, as well as to houses of worship, theaters, courtrooms, and countless other applications. When five movies are nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound, it is not unusual for all five nominee sound mixers to have used Lectrosonics equipment during production.

Many of our wireless products can be monitored and controlled remotely via computers, tablets, smart phones and other devices.  These devices need programming and that's why Lectrosonics needs you.


As a Software Application Developer at Lectrosonics, you will be designing, writing and maintaining application software used for control and monitoring of wireless microphone systems as well as frequency coordination and other ancillary functions.  Duties include diagnosing and fixing bugs, adding features, creating test plans, writing documentation, and using revision control tools.  Because of the need to work with prototype hardware and large-scale testing configurations, work is on site.

Applicants specializing in Microsoft Windows graphical interface development should be comfortable working in Microsoft Visual Studio and have familiarity with the WPF graphics framework and the C# language.

Applicants specializing in MacOS graphical interface development should be comfortable working in the Xcode IDE and have familiarity with the Cocoa graphics framework and the Objective-C language.

Applicants specializing in iOS development should have native iOS apps published in the iOS App Store, and should have experience adding Bluetooth and/or WiFi connectivity to an app.

For all applicants, a bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent on-the-job experience is required.  A good working knowledge of the C programming language is also required.

Additional skills which are not required, but are extremely useful, are

  • familiarity with revision control software such as Git,
  • experience with USB interfaces, especially FTDI drivers,
  • the ability to use electronic test instruments such as an oscilloscope,
  • knowledge and understanding of audio, power, and radio engineering concepts,
  • familiarity with the needs of the industries we serve, such as audio system performance, time codes, etc.,
  • the ability to solder, make cables, etc.,
  • experience programming microcontrollers, DSPs and/or FPGAs.


At Lectrosonics, we believe in the idea of "earn while you learn". Employees are continually afforded opportunities to acquire new skills or work with different teams or departments. We also have a tuition reimbursement plan.

Our mission statement begins, "We make the best products we know how to make." Every employee here is in charge of product quality. If you have an idea of how to make something better or improve a process, you will be heard and appreciated. Our chief software engineer is fond of saying, "We have 130 brains here and I want to use them all." We appreciate your ideas.

Lectrosonics offers a dynamic environment where some of the best people in the industry create some of the best products in the industry and have fun doing it. Will you join us?



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