3 Models Available:

  • UMC16B-A1B1: 470 to 614 MHz
  • UMC16BL: 470 to 691 MHz
  • UMC16B-941: 941-960 MHz

Wideband UHF Multicoupler

The UMC16B multi-couplers are used to distribute signals from two antennas to eight diversity receivers to minimize the amount of cabling and antennas needed in multi-channel wireless systems. The design combines high-quality ceramic filtering with low noise, high intercept point RF distribution to provide outstanding performance and flexibility. Up to eight diversity receivers or up to 16 non-diversity receivers can be utilized across the passband of each unit.

The UMC16B can be powered from an external supply, 12 to 18 VDC for mobile applications or from the optional RPS4 rack power supply. Or, the UMC16B can be powered from 90 to 240 VAC for installations using the regulated power supply furnished with the unit. A locking connector on the rear panel secures the power connection.

The RF signals at the inputs first pass through a ceramic filter to block energy above and below the passband. The signal is then fed to a high current amplifier to apply the gain needed ahead of the splitter. The amplifier is a high current type with a very high IP3 (third order intercept) that minimizes intermodulation products.

The amplifier output is then distributed to the output jacks using a Wilkinson “strip line” RF splitter. Unused outputs should be terminated with 50 Ohm dummy loads for maximum performance, however, the splitter design allows unused jacks to remain un-terminated with only a slight effect on other channels (+/- 1 to 2 dB in the level at the outputs).

The unit is housed in a standard 19 inch rack mount assembly with rugged connectors.

Included Accessories

  • 1 - Manual 
  • 1 - DCR15/A4U