USB driver installation guide (Windows 7)

Manual installation

When an ASPEN device is connected to the PC for the very first time, Windows will attempt to install the drivers if they have not been pre-installed by the ASPEN Device Installer. A popup message will appear at the bottom of the screen informing that Windows is searching for a driver. A details window can be opened by clicking on the popup message. If Windows can't find the driver, then the details window will display a message declaring that the installation has failed:


Step 1

Place the ASPEN installation disc in the PC's CD-ROM drive.

Step 2

Open the Windows Control Panel:


Click System and Security

Step 3


Under the System heading, click the Device Manager link to continue.

Step 4

The Device Manager will open. Under Other Devices, you will see the connected ASPEN device listed.


Right-click on the ASPEN device to open the popup menu...


...and click Update Driver Software... to start the Update Driver Software wizard.

Step 5

The Update Driver Software wizard opens.


Click Browse my computer for driver software to proceed.

Step 6


Click Browse... to select the drive containing the ASPEN installation disc.


It's drive E: in this example. Click OK to return to the wizard.

Step 7


Make sure that Include subfolders is checked. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

Step 8

Windows will search the CD for the driver and when it has found it, the installation begins.


When the installation is complete, the final page of the wizard will appear:


Click Close to finish. You may now connect to the ASPEN device via USB.