ASPEN Series

Lectrosonics ASPEN Series Digital Signal Processors

  • Unlimited input expansion
  • TCP/IP Ethernet Addressable
  • Seamless auto-mixing with PGA™
  • 48-channel mix bus with full output matrixing
  • Simultaneous multi-point 3rd party and native control
  • Ultra-low 1.33 ms near-side latency for real-time audio

ASPEN provides you with a powerful array of features and technology not found in any other system.

Features like Optimized Architecture® for an error-free audio pathway and the patented Proportional Gain Algorithm (PGA) for seamless auto-mixing. Centralized Echo Cancellation supports bridging for multi-location Telepresence along with simultaneous TELCO and Video Conferencing. And there´s no gas gauge to tell you you´re running out of DSP resources, because you never will.


Click here for the iPad Developers Toolkit

Any way you look at it, the ASPEN line from Lectrosonics is your new choice in professional DSP audio processing systems.