Lectrosonics Introduces World's Smallest Wireless Microphone

World's Smallest Wireman MicrophoneXSDT-LITHRIO RANCHO, NEW MEXICO - APRIL 1, 2006: Lectrosonics has introduced the smallest wireless microphone in the world, the XSDT or "eXtra-Super-Damn-Tiny." The new wireless microphone is completely self-contained, including a nearly microscopic condenser microphone element, AA battery and a 250mW RF transmitter using the company's proprietary Digital Hybrid Wireless™ technology.

The microphone element, with a 1x1mm capsule area, provides an astounding frequency response of 5Hz to 120kHz and transient response far better than any other microphone on the market. Dynamic range is 120dB, with self-noise of 48dB (A-weighted) and a maximum SPL of 168dB.

According to Lectrosonics president, Larry Fisher, "people keep asking for smaller and smaller transmitters, so we decided to leap-frog the pack and make something really small. This effort required that we put all other development and production on hold while we found ways to dramatically miniaturize this product."

Two versions of the transmitter are available: the XSDT-ALK which uses an alkaline AA battery, providing 38 minutes of operational time; and the XSDT-LITH using a lithium battery providing 1 hour and 15 minute operational time. Due to the permanently installed battery on each unit, the XSDT must be discarded once the battery dies. MSRP for the XSDT-ALK: $499.99, for the XSDT-LITH: $699.99.