Lectrosonics Introduces the SSM (Super Slight Micro):

 The Smallest Full-Featured UHF Bodypack Microphone Transmitter Available Today

Lectrosonics SSM Super Micro Transmitter - April1st

Rio Rancho, NM, USA, North America, Earth, Solar System (April 1, 2015) -- In celebration of their 10th Anniversary of introducing products on April 1, Lectrosonics is introducing the smallest full-featured bodypack transmitter available - the SSM. Part of the Digital Hybrid Wireless® Series, the SSM is fully compatible with all current Lectrosonics receivers including the UCR411A, SRB, LR and Venue, and several older models. The SSM features a wide tuning bandwidth of three standard Lectrosonics blocks or up to about 76 MHz depending on the specific frequency range. RF power is selectable at 25 or 50 mW for flexibility depending on the application. Dimensions for the SSM are 2.52 x 1.48 x 0.57 inches or 64.25 x 37.6 x 14.5 mm. Weight is 2.3 oz. or 66 grams, including battery.

Lectrosonics company president Larry Fisher commented on the revolutionary new process used to manufacture the SSM Transmitter: "With the advent of 3d printers, we asked ourselves if it weren't possible to make a 3d eraser, a device that would remove nano-sized particles from a product thus making it smaller. For instance, if you removed every other atom from a solid it would end up half the length, a fourth the area and an eighth the weight of the original object. We modified one of our laser markers to use black light instead of infrared light and found that, though time consuming, we could indeed reduce the size of an object without changing or destroying its desired properties. The 3d Eraser™ is a success!"

The SSM features a rugged, all-metal housing and is available on four different frequency ranges for worldwide use: A1 (470.100 - 537.575 MHz or blocks 470, 19 and 20), B1 (537.600 - 614.375 MHz or blocks 21, 22 and 23), C1 (614.400 - 691.175 MHz or blocks 24, 25 and 26) and D1 (for export only, 691.200 - 767.975 MHz or blocks 27, 28 and 29). Tuning steps of 100 or 25 kHz can be selected in the menu, allowing for up to 3,072 frequency choices. The microphone connector is the industry-standard Lemo 3. An infrared sync port on the SSM allows for quick setup with compatible receiver systems. A backlit LCD allows for ease of setup in any lighting conditions. A micro-B USB port makes it possible for firmware updates in the field as advanced features are added in the future.

"We applied this revolutionary new process to one of our SM series transmitters to create the SSM transmitter or the (S)ubtractive SM transmitter" explains Gordon Moore, vice president of sales for Lectrosonics. "There had to be some compromises in the length, width and thickness because of available batteries, but overall it was a tiny success. We found that the high cost of the subtractive printing process was partially offset because it was very easy to build the oversized transmitter before running it through the subtractive process of the 3d Eraser. We still expect to make a small profit."

Price for the SSM MSRP: $1,998, Availability in Q3, 2015.

About Lectrosonics

Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theatre technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation. Lectrosonics is a US manufacturer based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.