600 MHz Trade-In Program

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Lectrosonics has long maintained the goal of ensuring that customers have the best tools available and can rely on their use for many years, even decades. In order to assist customers in complying with the new regulations regarding the 600 MHz spectrum in North America, the company will allow equipment owners in the US and Canada to trade in their older wireless transmitters, receivers and IFB units and systems while purchasing new Lectrosonics products from an authorized US or Canadian dealer. In the process, the dealer will deduct the amount of up to $250 (amount varies based on value of returned units) as an “instant credit” from the new sale.

This offer is good only for new end-user purchases of wireless microphone transmitters, receivers, IFB systems and IEM systems (no b-stock or 2nds are eligible) in blocks 470, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 and bands A1 and B1 from an authorized US or Canadian Lectrosonics dealer. This offer is good only for North American customers, exporting is not allowed. Qualifying purchases must be made on or after October 1, 2017 and on or before August 30, 2018.

In addition, Lectrosonics will continue to offer a re-blocking service through their Parts and Repair department for users wishing to change the frequency range of their older units in order to comply with the new regulations.

The Trade-In Process:

  • Step 1: Make an inventory of any wireless units you may have that are in blocks 24, 25 or 26, or Band C1, or can tune anywhere above 607.975 but below 698 MHz in the UHF band. These are the units that will no longer be legal to operate in the US or Canada within the next few years. Take a look at the rebate values list below to determine what the trade-in value will be for each of these units.
  • Step 2: Select new Lectrosonics replacement products at any authorized US or Canadian Lectrosonics dealer. Bring in your older, non-compliant equipment in a 1-to-1 ratio to the new equipment you are purchasing. In other words, if you are purchasing 6 new transmitters and 3 receivers, you can trade in the same amount of older units of a similar type and receive the instant credit.
  • Step 3: The dealer will allow an “instant credit” for each of the new items you are purchasing, with the amount equal to the value of the older equipment on our trade-in values list. You’ll then leave the older gear with your dealer and you’re all set!

That’s it – the dealer will then settle up with Lectrosonics in the background. You don’t have to do anything else!

Click here for the TRADE-IN VALUES PDF!