SMWB Series - Firmware

Below is a link to the current firmware update file for the SMWB and SMDWB transmitter series. This is a zip file, after downloading extract it into a temporary folder. Copy the file to an SD card and install in accordance with the instructions found in the SMWB Series Instruction Manual.


Click here for SMWB, SMDWB Firmware Revision History

Click here for SMWB/E01, SMDWB/E01 Firmware Revision History

Click here for SMWB/E07, SMDWB/E07 Firmware Revision History

Version 6.x firmware for the SMWB and SMDWB is for use only in new product shipped after October 13, 2018 to US customers. These will bear the following new FCC ID numbers:


These ID numbers indicate conformance to the ETSI standard now in effect for wireless microphone transmitters in the United States and Canada. The "Nu Hybrid" compatibility mode replaces the old "400" mode used in previous versions of the product. "Nu Hybrid" mode is compatible with the "EU Hybrid" mode found in most (soon all) currently available Lectrosonics receivers.


New firmware versions with iXML header support require a bootloader update before they are installed. This applies to the following firmware versions:

  • SMWB, SMDWB v6.52
  • SMWB/E07, SMDWB/E07 v1.50
  • SMWB/E01, SMDWB/E01 v1.50
  • SMWB/X, SMDWB/X v1.50

Follow these steps to update the bootloader:

  • Download the v1.03 bootloader update and extract the smwb_boot_v1_03.ldr file.
  • Format a microSDHC card with the FAT32 file system ("Quick Format" on Windows). Copy the smwb_boot_v1_03.ldr file to it. Insert the SD card into the slot on the transmitter.
  • Enter update mode by by pressing and holding the UP and DOWN buttons while powering the unit on.
  • Select UPDATE from the menu with the arrow keys and press MENU/SEL to proceed.
  • The Select screen appears. Select the smwb_boot_v1_03.ldr file with the arrow keys and press MENU/SEL to proceed.
  • A warning message appears, but there is no danger. Press MENU/SEL to proceed.
  • The Update bootldr? screen appears. Select Yes with the arrow keys and press MENU/SEL to start the update.
  • When the update is finished, the UPDATE SUCCESS: REMOVE CARD message appears. Power the transmitter down and remove the SD card.

Now you can update the operating firmware, following the instructions on page 18 of the SMWB Series Instruction Manual

SMWB, SMDWB Firmware Update v6.52
SMWB/E01, SMDWB/E01 Firmware Update v1.50
SMWB/E07, SMDWB/E07 Firmware Update v1.07
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