USB Firmware Updater

Below is a link to the current USB Firmware Updater installers, one for Windows computers and another for Mac OS X computers. This program is used to update firmware on these products:

  • DB transmitter
  • DBa transmitter
  • LT transmitter
  • LR receiver
  • SSM transmitter
  • HHa transmitter
  • HMa transmitter

Instructions for updating firmware is found in the Instruction Manual for these products.

Windows Installation:

Download the into a temporary folder. Uninstall any previous version of USB Firmware Updater before running the downloaded installer.

Note: This program requires that the FTDI D2XX Direct USB driver be installed on your PC. This is normally pre-installed but if not you will need to download and run a driver installer from the official FTDI download page. Installers for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows® PCs are available there.

Mac OS X Installation:

This is a Mac OS X Disk Image file. After downloading open it and move the app to folder of your choice. It has been tested on OS X "El Capitan" and "Sierra" only.

USB Firmware Updater for Mac
USB Firmware Updater for Windows
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