iPad Developers Kit

iPadThe iPad developer's kit for Aspen consists of a Lectrosonics library of faders, knobs, meters, and other on-screen objects. These objects can be used for the easy creation of custom touch panel designs using the iViewer application from CommandFusion. With the iPad and the Lectrosonics library, Aspen users can now fully control a complete system with a sophisticated wireless touch screen – all this while continuously receiving real-time feedback as to the system's status and levels.

iViewer is a free application download from the Apple App Store. The iViewer application has received rave reviews for its ability to transform an iPad into a control interface for commercial or home automated systems. Aspen units in the system are controlled via TCP/IP over Ethernet using an inexpensive wireless link. The free iViewer application comes with a single landscape-oriented page and a single portrait-oriented page. This is sufficient for simpler systems or testing. Multi-page designs require a modest licensing fee.

Lectrosonics is not affiliated with CommandFusion or Apple.

Click here to download iPad Developer Kit and supporting files

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