Wireless Designer v1.3.13

  • Supports Duet M2T transmitters with new version 2.x firmware. Use this version of Wireless Designer with Duet systems with the high-resolution audio enhancement.

Wireless Designer v1.3.12

  • Fix bug in firmware update logic when running in Mac OS X that prevents detection of SRc or SRb with SuperSlot upgrade

Wireless Designer v1.3.11

  • Add LB-50 battery type used in SSM transmitters to the Venue 2 transmitter battery type list. LB-50 appears in Wireless Designer only when connected to Venue 2 units with firmware version 1.1.11 or higher.

Wireless Designer v1.3.10

  • Fix bug in the Firmware Update wizard which prevents it from reliably detecting if the firmware in an M2T or M2R needs to be updated.

Wireless Designer v1.3.9

  • Add support for model M2T/E01 (for EU market).

Wireless Designer v1.3.8

  • Mac/OS X only: fix bug preventing USB connections when using Wireless Designer together with the USB Adapter for Mac Computers.
  • Mac/OS X only: fix bug causing import of custom channels from a file to silently fail.

Wireless Designer v1.3.7

  • Improve accuracy of M2T audio meter.
  • Fix bug where RF power level changes made in the M2T front panel UI were not reflected in Wireless Designer.
  • Remove "generic" USBSerial converter device from the "Add Frame" menu.

Wireless Designer v1.3.6

  • Include support for new models M2T and M2R.
  • Improve error detection when polling devices for real-time status information.

Wireless Designer v1.2.17

  • Fix bug causing program to sometimes freeze when opening or saving a project file on Mac OS X computers.
  • Fix bug where, after creating and saving a new project to disk, WD persists in indicating that the project has unsaved changes.

Wireless Designer v1.2.14

  • Add support for new frequency band B2 in the Venue 2 receiver. This band tunes covers narrowband frequency blocks 22, 23 and 24 (563.200 to 639.900 MHz) and is usable with any digital hybrid transmitter capable of transmitting within that frequency range, including /E01 transmitters on narrowband block 606.
  • Supports special Venue 2 features for the Japan market. This includes JA specific emulation modes and frequency bands. Usable only with /E02 digital hybrid transmitters certified for use in Japan and available only there.
  • New Venue 2 features available only in VRM2WB firmware versions 1.1.4 or higher.

Wireless Designer v1.2.9

  • Fix bug where disconnecting from a device when the Command Terminal window is open caused a program crash if connected to 3 or more devices at once.
  • Removed unchanging seconds field from elapsed time displayed in battery status icon when battery timer is enabled.
  • Correct erroneous description of battery timer behavior in the Channel settings Transmitter tab.

Wireless Designer v1.2.8

  • Enhance "Deploy to System" flow in Frequency Coordinator to offer an opportunity to cancel before deployment is executed.
  • Fix bug in IAS report import in Frequency Coordinator where out-of-range frequencies were not filtered out.
  • Changed highlighting of selected row in Frequency Coordinator channel list to make it easier to see.
  • Fixed bug in the Walk Test Recorder causing failure to start or erratic display behavior when running in some cases.

Wireless Designer v1.2.7

  • Fix bug causing frequency changes made in the Edit Channel Settings dialog to be ignored on Windows PCs where the "Decimal symbol" setting is the "comma" character vice the "dot" character.
  • Fix bug causing data graph in strip-chart type controls to change suddenly when switching between tabs.

Wireless Designer v1.2.6

  • Fix bugs making control text invisible in certain dialog boxes when "Dark Room" theme is used.
  • Make changes needed for compatibility with VRM2WB firmware versions 1.0.1 and higher with regard to "TX Send Settings" functionality.
  • Minor display text changes.

Wireless Designer v1.2.5

  • Add new "Custom Channel" feature allowing user to define wireless systems in a Session other than those represented in the receiver frames. The list of custom channels is saved in Session files for offline use. Custom channels can also be saved into a separate file for later reuse. Custom channels can also be pulled into the Session from an IAS HTML report file (this feature is experimental). Custom Channels appear in the Frequency Coordinator's channel list and spectrum analyzer. In the spectrum analyzer they are distinguished from ordinary channels by their color, a lighter shade of blue. They are included in the frequency coordination process but the frequency can be locked to prevent it from being changed. The custom frequency list is shown in Frequency Coordination reports for easy reference. See the Wireless Designer Help for further details.
  • A number of frequency Coordination parameters are now adjustable. Improvements to the algorithm permit many more frequency assignments to be possible in a given amount of spectrum. See the Wireless Designer Help for details.
  • When importing scan data into the Frequency Coordinator, the old scan data is no longer cleared first. The new data is overlaid on the old data, so that different scans can be combined. If this behavior is not desired, simply click the "Clear Scan Data" button before importing new scan data.
  • In Frequency Coordinator view, hovering over a channel in the spectrum analyzer with the mouse pops up a balloon with the name (if assigned) and frequency of the channel.
  • Fix bugs making control text invisible in certain dialog boxes when "Dark Room" theme is used.

Wireless Designer v1.2.4

  • Fix bug in Walk Test Recorder causing "Audio recording cannot be started" error when clicking the record button.

Wireless Designer v1.2.3

  • Add support for new Venue 2 Receiver models VRM2WBL and VRM2WBM.
  • Added locale "AU (PAL/B)" which displays Australian TV channels in Frequency Coordinator.
  • TV channel 37 now off-limits by default in locale "NA (NTSC)" (can be overridden).
  • Added new Audio Meter Peak Hold feature (includes limiter and clipping indications).
  • Receiver frames may be re-ordered in tree view by right-clicking and selecting "Move Up" or "Move Down".
  • Large font size now available for channel names in monitor views.
  • Added forward and back buttons to channel setting dialog which let user browse through all channels without leaving the settings dialog.
  • "Hex codes" now displayed with frequency for Venue and Venue 2 receivers (helpful when using older transmitters tuned with mechanical switches).

Wireless Designer v1.1.2

  • Add support for "wideband" Venue Receiver models VRMWBL and VRMWB.
  • Simplified the Frequency Scan view for ease of use.

Wireless Designer v1.0.13

  • Dialog box dimensions now scaled so they always fit within the borders of the application when it is resized.
  • Dialog boxes now close when ESC key pressed.

Wireless Designer v1.0.12

  • Fix bug where letter 'M' was not accepted when typing into Command Terminal.
  • Fix bugs in Tx battery timer display.
  • Tx Battery Timer default time now 4 hrs instead of 1 minute.
  • Receiver and Transmitter names can now be 15 characters long.