DCHT Firmware Revision History

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WD Firmware Update v14Nov2019

DCHT v1.11 (SUPER)/v1.10 (FPGA)

  • Fix timing bug causing Auto-On feature to intermittently fail on units with version 1.10 firmware.

WD Firmware Update v11Oct2019

DCHT v1.10 (SUPER)/v1.10 (FPGA)

  • Rearranged menu system to use submenus. Power button is now for power function only, and power-on and power-off made faster.
  • Added support for native encrypted DCH (Digital Camera Hop) mode, which is compatible with M2R-X (M2R running firmware v3.x). This includes encryption key generator and support for sending key over the IR link to an M2R-X receiver.
  • Added support for talkback feature in DCH mode only.
  • Added a new FlexList mix mode ("SendM12") which creates a mono mix of both audio channels in the receiver.
  • New input configuration type "PSA" works with "Point Source Audio" lavalier microphones.
  • Battery timer functionality has been moved from the transmitter to receivers supporting the feature.
  • The backlight timeout choices are now 30 seconds, 5 seconds, and always on.
  • It is no longer possible to enter or exit standby mode from the keypad while the settings are locked. Likewise, it is no longer possible to power the transmitter off via the keypad while the settings are locked.
  • Requests to transmit on disallowed frequencies are handled more gracefully. The DCHT continues to transmit on the last successfully tuned frequency.

WD Firmware Update v18Apr2019

DCHT Firmware Update v1.05 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA) - 18 April2019

  • Optimized certain factory test functions. No user-perceptible changes.

WD Firmware Update v21Feb2019

DCHT Firmware Update v1.04 (SUPER)/v1.02 (FPGA) - 20 February 2019

  • Initial public release.