SMa v2.2

Added full block 23 coverage for Australian export models.

SMa v2.1

This version can work with either the old 93LC83 EEPROM chip or the newer 93LC86B. It also fixes a display glitch in RfOff mode, and will no longer issue PLL alarms during normal tuning from one end of the block to the other (a problem previously affecting version 2.0 only).

SMa v2.0

This version requires a new LF roll-off digital potentiometer on the audio board for more accurate placement of -3dB points for the six roll-off settings. This version is not compatible with the old digital pot. The pot in question is U22, which was formerly SID5201/10K and now must be SID5200/50K.

This version also requires that the RF board use the new National LMX2485 PLL. Use version 1.x, and the older digital pot on the audio board, with RF boards that use the old National LMX2353 PLL.

SMa v1.5

Removed periodic lock alert feature that was added in version 1.4. It introduced faint clicks in the audio on some units. This version is otherwise identical to 1.4.

SMa v1.4

Improved accuracy of compatibility mode 3. Added periodic alert for "locked" status. Added ability to run with two kinds of DSP, for interchangeability of logic boards.