SM v2.3

Added native support for blocks 470, 19 and 944, so existing product can be updated (with a board swap) to work on a new block. This version is otherwise identical to v2.2.

SM v8.0

This version was created to handle a special case. If an older, non-plus-10-dB SM ever needs to be moved to a block not supported by firmware version 1.9 (i.e. blocks 470 and 19, or 944 if offered), this version offers native support for those blocks. It is otherwise identical to version 1.9.

SM v2.2

Changed power supply reset threshold for reliable wake-from-sleep operation by remote control. Only affects SMQ model, and then only when remote control is used for sleep and wake functions.

SM v2.1

Changed keyboard scanning algorithm to quiet internal signals and reduce risk of noise pick-up.

SM v1.9

Backport of version 2.1, so older SM units can have the benefit of quieter keyboard scanning. (Note that a backport of v2.2 is not required, as no SMQ transmitters ever shipped with version 1.x.)