SRa5P/E01 v2.1

  • User interface now restores channel 2 settings when leaving ratio diversity mode.
  • Enhanced squelch system to ignore supersonic emissions from transmitters (especially from analog transmitters using the SRA's analog compatibility modes).
  • Fixed problem wherein an audio level setting of "+1" could result in an incorrect audio level after a power cycle.
  • Improved dynamic tracking accuracy in compatibility mode 6.

Note: If upgrading from v1.8 or earlier, set new FINETUNE menu parameters to 0 for equivalent performance, or follow new calibration procedure for a possible slight improvement in squelching opertion under weak signal conditions.

SRa5P/E01 v2.0

Fixed transmitter battery metering so the icon will appear empty at the correct voltage when lithium batteries are used.

SRa5P/E01 v1.9 (Note Released)

Added factory fine tuning parameters to streamline the factory RF alignment procedure. If an upgrade is taken to this version, an additional calibration step must be performed to ensure that the new parameters are set correctly.

SRa5P/E01 v1.8

Pilot tone bypass function is now preserved if power is removed and restored, though it is still reset if the unit is powered off via the front panel.

SRa5P/E01 v1.7

Added support for block 606. Also added countdown to power off screen.