DSQD Firmware Revision History

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WD Firmware Update v06May2020

DSQD v1.0.18 (SUPER)/v1.27 (FPGA)/v1.0.08 (RF)

  • Add RF board detection fault screen which appears if RF board not detected during start-up.
  • 'hwstat' query now returns fault status bits as a decimal number:
    • bit 0: Antenna bias power fault (decimal 1)
    • bit 1: RF board detection fault (decimal 2)
    • bit 2: FPGA boot fault (decimal 4)
    If more than one fault exists, the query returns the sum of the codes, e.g. if both antenna bias power and RF board detection faults exist the query returns '3'.
  • Add 'HARDWARE STATUS' page to 'TOOLS AND SETTINGS' menu. This displays antenna bias power, RF board detection and FPGA boot status, one of "NORMAL" or "FAULT".
  • In Antenna Bias Power page, enabling bias power for an antenna now resets the antenna bias power fault status. This better handles the case where the user fixes the problem causing the fault and then re-enables bias power.
  • Fix bug causing a premature burst of audio heard before system is fully initialized when tuned to an FM carrier already on the air when powering up.

WD Firmware Update v05Mar2020

DSQD v1.0.17 (SUPER)/v1.27 (FPGA)/v1.0.08 (RF)

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a brief noise burst in analog audio outputs during a firmware update.

WD Firmware Update v30Jan2020

DSQD v1.0.16 (SUPER)/v1.27 (FPGA)/v1.0.07 (RF)

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a latency (timing) mismatch between two channels, resulting in "watery" sounding audio when operating in Ratio Diversity mode.

WD Firmware Update v24Jan2020

DSQD v1.0.15 (SUPER)/v1.26 (FPGA)/v1.0.07 (RF)

  • Improved FM quieting performance.
  • Improved switched diversity algorithm in Digital Hybrid modes for smoother and quieter operation.
  • Limit transmitter battery selection to AA types in D2 compatibility mode.

WD Firmware Update v16Sep2019

DSQD v1.0.14 (SUPER)/v1.17 (FPGA)/v1.0.06 (RF)

  • Added narrowband block 606 support.
  • Improved battery meter cosmetics and color scheme.
  • Eliminated pop in headphone output when powering up.
  • Locale setting now preserved when performing a reset to factory defaults.
  • TX battery timer values are now stored in 5 minute increments.
  • Improved responsiveness of RF metering.
  • Faster reaction to dropouts by antenna diversity system.

WD Firmware Update v30Jul2019

DSQD v1.0.13 (SUPER)/v1.15 (FPGA)/v1.0.06 (RF)

  • Corrected the "very low" battery warning threshold for LB-50 battery type.
  • Improved the accuracy of RF meter indications.

WD Firmware Update v11Jul2019

DSQD v1.0.12 (SUPER)/v1.15 (FPGA)/v1.0.05 (RF)

  • Improved noise floor for Ratio Diversity pairs when using digital hybrid mode.

WD Firmware Update v20Jun2019

DSQD v1.0.11 (SUPER)/v1.15 (FPGA)/v1.0.05 (RF)

  • Fix bug causing excessive rolloff of high audio frequencies when SmartNR feature enabled.
  • Fix bug that could result in storage of an erroneous Rx frequency setting in nonvolatile memory.
  • Added TX Battery Voltage and Percentage to "chstat" serial query.
  • Added new transmitter serial command "txbpercent" which queries the TX battery percentage of charge value.

WD Firmware Update v22May2019

DSQD v1.0.10 (SUPER)/v1.14 (FPGA)/v1.0.05 (RF)

  • Initial production release.