DSQD Firmware Revision History

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WD Firmware Update v16Sep2019

DSQD v1.0.14 (SUPER)/v1.17 (FPGA)/v1.0.06 (RF)

  • Added narrowband block 606 support.
  • Improved battery meter cosmetics and color scheme.
  • Eliminated pop in headphone output when powering up.
  • Locale setting now preserved when performing a reset to factory defaults.
  • TX battery timer values are now stored in 5 minute increments.
  • Improved responsiveness of RF metering.
  • Faster reaction to dropouts by antenna diversity system.

WD Firmware Update v30Jul2019

DSQD v1.0.13 (SUPER)/v1.15 (FPGA)/v1.0.06 (RF)

  • Corrected the "very low" battery warning threshold for LB-50 battery type.
  • Improved the accuracy of RF meter indications.

WD Firmware Update v11Jul2019

DSQD v1.0.12 (SUPER)/v1.15 (FPGA)/v1.0.05 (RF)

  • Improved noise floor for Ratio Diversity pairs when using digital hybrid mode.

WD Firmware Update v20Jun2019

DSQD v1.0.11 (SUPER)/v1.15 (FPGA)/v1.0.05 (RF)

  • Fix bug causing excessive rolloff of high audio frequencies when SmartNR feature enabled.
  • Fix bug that could result in storage of an erroneous Rx frequency setting in nonvolatile memory.
  • Added TX Battery Voltage and Percentage to "chstat" serial query.
  • Added new transmitter serial command "txbpercent" which queries the TX battery percentage of charge value.

WD Firmware Update v22May2019

DSQD v1.0.10 (SUPER)/v1.14 (FPGA)/v1.0.05 (RF)

  • Initial production release.