SPDR Digital Recorder - Firmware Revision History


SPDR Firmware Update v1.20 - 15 April 2019

  • Added Timecode Auto Record feature, disabled by default. When this feature is enabled, SPDR begins recording when timecode is detected at the TC jack, and stops recording when timecode is no longer detected at the TC jack. Exception: SPDR does not begin recording if timecode is newly detected during a TC jam operation.
  • Added mono headphone mix capability to HP Volume page.
  • The info page for a mounted SD card no longer shows the volume name, but instead shows the name of the next file to be created if a recording were initiated.
  • The info page for a recording in progress no longer shows the word RECORDING but instead blinks a "REC" icon and shows the name of the file currently being created.
  • The battery is required to be fresher than was previously required in order for a recovery operation to proceed.
  • The "slow card" warning page has been made more informative. The "REC" icon continues to blink as the words "Warning: slow card" is displayed. The BACK button is soft-labeled "OK" to confirm.

SPDR Firmware Update v1.10 - 28 August 2019

  • Initial production release.