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PDR Firmware Update v1.15 - 29 August 2017

  • No longer erroneously displays "must stop playing first" when no card is installed.
  • Now cleanly reports "unknown partition type" when an incompatible card is inserted.
  • If a key is pressed to reset the backlight after it times out, no action is taken for that keypress.
  • If a successful Time Code Jam is performed while no card is installed, the unit will no longer erroneously indicate that a card is installed.
  • Keypad autorepeat functions now work while a recording is in progress.

PDR Firmware Update v1.13 - 17 February 2017

  • Fix a bug in 24-bit recording modes resulting resulting in the PDR occasionally "losing time" when writing to slower SD cards.

PDR Firmware Update v1.12 - 18 January 2017

  • Fix a bug where time code "midnight" rollover not handled correctly for some frame rate settings.

PDR Firmware Update v1.11 - 17 January 2017

  • Added timecode frame rate awareness so that the time displayed on the LCD and the "sample count since midnight" in the BWF file header chunk is correct for common frame rates. Previously the PDR displayed only "clock" time, regardless of the frame rate in use. In the case of frame rates that aren't real time (NTSC time), this led to a discrepancy between the time displayed by the PDR and the time displayed by the timecode generator used to jam the PDR. Now the PDR time display matches that of the timecode generator for all frame rates. Detection of the proper frame rate is automatic when the PDR is "jammed" with timecode, but it can also be set manually by way of a new frame rate setting in the menu. Supported frame rates are: 30, 30DF, 29.97, 29.97DF, 25, 24 and 23.976 (a.k.a. 23.98).

PDR Firmware Update v1.10 - 9 December 2016

  • Added a bit depth option, so recordings can be either 24-bit samples saved in 32-bit format padded with zeros (as previously), or saved in 24-bit format with no padding (which is more efficient). The default bit depth is now 24. This lowers the required SD card data throughput, thus improving the PDR's handling of SD card latency.
  • Fix bug wherein recovery of an interrupted recording could be done incorrectly if the recording mode setting (HD mono vs. Split Gain) were different during the recovery process than the mode in effect for the original recording.

PDR Firmware Update v1.09 - 7 November 2016

  • First production release.