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Closeout Products

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The following products are discontinued or restock items available at a special discount. This closeout list is updated as items and quantities change, and items are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Be aware that items may have been sold since the list was last updated. For discount information, or to order these products, please contact your Lectrosonics Authorized Dealer (Call 1-800-821-1121 to find a dealer near you).

The closeout products carry the full 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Model: Description: Quantity: Block:
PS1MICRO Power Supply 7  
PS1MINI Power Supply 5  
PS2MICRO Power Supply 11  
PS50 Power Supply 6  
SMa Digital Hybrid Super Miniature Transmitter 1 944
SMDA Digital Hybrid Super Miniature Transmitter - Dual Battery 1 944
UH400TM Digital Hybrid UHF Plug-On Tx, Test & Measurement 1 27
UT400VM Digital Hybrid Handheld Transmitter, Vari-Mic Capsule 1 21
UT Handheld Transmitter 8 20
    8 21
    3 22
    1 23
    1 26
    5 470
VRField Modular 6-Channel Digital Hybrid Receiver, Portable 2 944
VRS Venue Series Standard Receiver Module (Rev A) 1 19
    1 20
    2 23
VRT Venue Series Standard Receiver Module With Tracking Fron End (Rev A) 2 21

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